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LIGNA 2023

Taiwan's export of woodworking machinery products ranks fourth in the world and has a high degree of competitive advantage. Taiwan provides global customers with excellent performance and reliability, fast logistics and the supply of components all at reasonable prices which greatly increases customer competitiveness. As a response to the recent trend towards smart manufacturing and net zero carbon emissions, Taiwan's outstanding enterprises also provide solutions in this area.

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We welcome buyers from all over the world to visit LIGNA in Hannover, Germany, to learn about the latest products and technologies and directly negotiate with Taiwanese manufacturers.

Premier Manufacturers

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I can give you a short introduction of LIGNA 2023

Ligna, held in Hannover, Germany, is a top international trade fair for the woodworking and timber processing industry. With thousands of global exhibitors and visitors, it showcases the latest trends and technologies. Discover what these leading Taiwanese companies have to offer by clicking on their logos.

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